Bar None # 17 // Adal Marquez

For this latest Bar None feature we found ourselves in the vibrant and beautiful city of Barcelona meeting with the talented Adal Marquez of Boadas Bar. We were able to chat with him about his experiences as a bartender, including his favorite style of drink to make! Read on to discover what he had to say about tending bar in Barcelona!

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1. Tell us who you are, where you’re from, etc.

My name is Adal Marquez and I was born in Tenerife – part of the Canary Islands off of Spain – but I am always traveling around the world.

2. What’s your bartending story? How did you get into it?

I am a bartender thanks to my clever mom. She always knew what I liked best and she pushed me to study cocktails and ultimately become a bartender.

3. What’s your favorite cocktail to serve and why? How do you usually match a cocktail to a person or setting?

I love serving dry martinis. Sometimes I like them classic, sometimes with a touch of Scrappy’s. To me, martini cocktails are the best expression of purity and honesty. When making a drink for a guest, I usually ask them a few questions such as if they’d like their drink to be sweet, sour, dry, or bitter. And with this information, we start the dance of making a drink.

4. Why do you use Scrappy’s in your cocktails? Has Scrappy’s improved the drinks you make? Favorite Scrappy’s Flavor?

Scrappy’s is a must in my cocktails because it offers me an incredible range of perfect flavors needed in order to improve my creations. The bitters add the best combination of aroma and flavor to my drinks. My personal favorite is Scrappy’s Cardamom Bitters.

5. What’s your idea of the perfect drink (location, circumstance, etc)?

My idea of the perfect drink is definitely a “Martinez” with Scrappy’s Grapefruit Bitters. I like to drink it at Boadas, alone and with my music.

“Mr. Miles”

Dry Vermouth
Sherry Wine
Scrappy’s Cardamom Bitters
Scrappy’s Grapefruit Bitters
Cherry macerated in Brandy for 24 hours
Parfum of Tonka
Green Chartreuse

Technique: First, pour the Vermouth and Cardamom Bitters on ice and then strain, keeping the original ice but not the leftover liquid. Add the gin, the sherry, and the Grapefruit Bitters and “throw” it with elegance… Serve. Finally, burn the brandied cherry and garnish the drink with it. If you see the smoke, you’ve got it ❤️

Posted: Tuesday, August 20th, 2019 at 12:13 am

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