Scrappy’s #BitterBites // Holly Morgan

Not only are Scrappy’s Bitters great behind the bar, but they’re also a highly versatile addition to your kitchen. To highlight the often overlooked world of cooking with bitters, we’ve teamed up with an amazing lineup of chefs to bring you a new series: #BitterBites.

In our first collaboration we’re excited to introduce Holly Morgan, the Sous Chef at L’Oursin in Seattle, WA. Read about her journey below and explore the recipe she created with Scrappy’s Bitters!

Growing up, my grandmother was my introduction to food. She was always cooking or baking something delicious and I could usually be found next to her on my little step stool, watching intently. She taught me how to whisk and knead and stir and ultimately shaped my love of cooking for others. I’ve carried her lessons with me throughout culinary and pastry school and now into my career.

I started cooking professionally at the age of 16, having known this was my path from a very young age. In my 13 years in the Seattle food industry, I’ve learned a great deal about what it means to not only feed people but to take care of one another as well. We are a tight community and every day I am so impressed in the way we can come together and create experiences for people that transcend “just a meal”. It’s truly a special world to be apart of.

If you know me, you know I’m a pickle fanatic so it was very fun for me to create (and taste) this recipe. I thought about how I could showcase the flavor of the bitters rather than using it just as an extract to enhance other flavors and it just clicked to create a pickling recipe. I have so many fond memories of walking through my grandmother’s cellar admiring the beautiful jars full of preserved vegetables so I felt that this was the best way to honor that part of my childhood.

Feeding others will always be at the core of what drives me, to create a space where people can forget about the outside world and focus on something honestly delicious. Food has a special ability to bring communities together and I am overjoyed every day to be at the center of that.”

Scrappy’s Quick Pickles

Posted: Monday, September 9th, 2019 at 8:18 pm

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