Scrappy’s #InternationalCampaign // Matthew Bull

We’re kicking off our #ScrappysInternationalCampaign with South Australia based Matthew Bull – @cocktails_by_tempus. Matthew gave us an inside scoop on South Australia’s cocktail culture and how to make one of his favorite drinks! Take a look 

1. Describe your country’s cocktail culture!

The cocktail culture here in Australia is on a rise in a big way. There seem to be more and more quality bars popping up in the cities, and the drinks are very creative and fun. Being from the countryside in SA, the cocktail culture had been non-existent until now. The creativity isn’t on the same level as you might find from the big cities, but it’s a terrific start and I can only see it improving.

2. How does your culture/environment influence your work and the featured cocktail specifically?

I’m a self-taught home mixologist – I learned everything I know from books and Youtube. Working in a steel mill, cocktails are not the normal thing to have after a long day at work – typically it’s beer or scotch. However, things are changing. Nowadays, even out here in the country, cocktails are on the rise. Especially so in this past year, because so many great Australian Distilleries have been popping up!

3. What’s the recipe for your featured cocktail?

I’m a big fan of the saying ‘Keep it simple stupid’ and this drink represents that. When starting out in mixology, the bottles I had available were extremely limited. Most of the first drinks I made were the easiest and simplest recipes I could find. Access to ingredients was a big issue for me so I focused on some of the most classic cocktails. I love showing people that cocktails don’t need to be overly complicated to be delicious. It helps make them accessible and hopefully lights a spark for the craft. With that all in mind, I created a mash-up of two of the first cocktails I ever made. The Daiquiri and the Old Fashioned. The Rum you use is the absolute hero of this drink so picking a good one is important, but it’s hard to be a hero without some help. When you introduce Scrappy’s Lime Bitters, you can take a great Rum to another level and truly tie the whole drink together. I love a classic Daiquiri and this right here is a perfect sipping cocktail with flavor in spades.

“Daiquiri Old Fashioned”
2 oz – White Rum
¼ oz – Simple Syrup
5 Dashes of Scrappy Bitters Lime Bitters

Pour all ingredients into a stirring glass with ice. Stir and strain into a Rocks Glass with ice and garnish with a lime wedge.

Posted: Friday, July 26th, 2019 at 7:28 pm

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