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We had so much fun learning how the culture of Martinique really impacted Marcus, @citronpresse_cocktail bartending style!

Describe your country’s cocktail culture

I’ve been bartending in many places in France but the location that really impacted my bartending style the most is definitely Martinique, where I lived for a few years. It’s a French island in the Caribbeans (West Indies) where rum is the most popular alcohol with more than 15 different kinds of rum produced only in Martinique. They also received the first AOC label (“protected designation of origin” which is a French certification that stresses that AOC products will be produced in a consistent and traditional manner with ingredients from specifically classified producers in designated geographical areas and have to be aged at least partially in the respective designated area.). Their rum is by far the alcohol that is used the most in cocktails.

The traditional cocktail of Martinique is the Ti punch (rum, lime and cane sugar), which is prepared directly in the glass without ice. The diversification of cocktails served in bars has started only a few years ago, driven by the younger generation that travels and brings back a more international culture to the island. I was part of that movement and participated in some of the first national bartending contests which took place there.

How does your culture/environment influence your work and the featured cocktail specifically?

Martinique is not only about rum, but it also has an incredible fauna and flora! It really had an impact on my vision of each cocktail and the way of creating them. And “The Traveler” is no exception. It is made with organic, local, fresh fruits and is garnished with flowers which I found in the beautiful nature.

The Traveler

1oz White Rum Argicole Clement

2/3oz Italicus

1/3oz Lime Juice

1/2 Mango

2 OZ Pineapple Juice

5 Mint and Basil Leaves 2 dashes of Scrappy’s Cardamom Bitters

Mix all ingredients with ice in a blender

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